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Avoiding blisters

  • Keep your feet dry - if using leather boots, use ‘Snowseal’ on your boots and wear gaiters
  • Do lots of walking or skiing with a pack prior to the event
  • Buy at least one pair of thin thermal socks and one pair of ‘Explorer’ style socks. (Cheap insurance at about $20.) Do this before hiring your skis, and wear them when you are trying on your boots. Your boots should fit snugly with a small amount of space at the toes. Pure wool and pure nylon socks are not recommended.
  • Keep your pack weight down
  • Soak your feet in methylated spirits for about 5 minutes every 2 or 3 nights in the fortnight before your winter party.
  • Pretape your feet with ‘Leukoplast’ or ‘Second Skin’ before leaving Mt Beauty Scout Hall on Saturday morning. Guess the likely blister zones e.g. heels, toes, sides.

Above all if you feel a hot spot or blister developing stop and deal with it. You will not be holding up the party. Seek advice from the party leader. The hot spot will not go away. It will only develop into a painful blister if you ignore it.

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