The Bogong Rover Chalet

Bogong Rover Chalet

How the Chalet is run


The Bogong Rover Chalet is owned and run by the Rover section of the Victorian Branch of Scouts Australia.

The Chalet is managed by the Bogong Chalet Management Group.

The Bogong Chalet Management Group (BCMG)

The Bogong Chalet Management Group is responsible for managing the chalet.

The Management Group is made up of Rovers and members of the broader Scouting community.

The members of the Management Group are nominated at our AGM, which is normally hosted on the second Wednesday of October.

Aims, Objectives and Operating Guidelines

The Bogong Chalet Management Group manage the Bogong Rover Chalet following the Aims, Objectives and Operating Guidelines.

Our Scout Groups

The Bogong Rover Chalet hosts a number of honorary Scout Groups.

The Alpine Venturer Unit

The Alpine Venturer Unit was started during the winter season of the year 2000.

The Unit recognises attendance and participation at a Bogong Rover Chalet Ski Venture.


Membership of the Alpine Venturer Unit is open to all Venturers. To qualify for membership Venturers must:

  • Be an invested Venturer
  • Have completed one week at a Bogong Chalet Winter Party

The Alpine Rover Crew

Established by W F “Bill” Waters during the winter of 1940, the Alpine Rover Crew exists to provide an identity and sense of belonging for all those Rovers and Scouters who participate in a winter party at the Bogong Rover Chalet.

Membership of the Crew is honorary and it does not hold any regular meetings. Total membership numbers are unknown and the Crew survives simply as identity and reminder to all that have skied at the Bogong Rover Chalet that they are members of a large fellowship bound together by their shared experience.


Membership of the Alpine Rover Crew is open to all Scout Members over the age of 18. To qualify for membership of the Crew Members must:

  • Be an invested member of the Scout Association
  • Have completed one week at a Bogong Chalet Winter Party

The Bogong Rover Crew

The Bogong Rover Crew was established by W F “Bill” Waters and its first members were invested into the Crew on Thursday 7th of September 1933.

Initially the Crew existed for the same purpose as the present Alpine Rover Crew, however, this was changed in 1940 when the Alpine Rover Crew as a distinct group came into existence.

From 1940 onwards the Bogong Rover Crew has existed as an award for outstanding service and good conduct. The Crew has no permanent place nor wealth and membership is strictly honorary. All those invested into the Bogong Rover Crew are invested on skis during winter and insight of Mount Bogong, Victoria’s highest peak.

Those invested into the Crew in 1933 were;

  • W. F. “Bill” Waters
  • Harry Hewitt
  • H. E. “Bill” Williams
  • P. Batterham
  • G. Kemp
  • J.N. Gilchrist
  • C. Beeston
  • Roy Driver
  • E. Hulme

Bogong Rover Crew of 1933, Cope Hut

This picture shows the initial Bogong Rover Crew of 1933 outside Cope Hut on the Bogong High Plains, Victoria.

Approximately two hundred and ten people have been invested into the Bogong Rover Crew since its inception. In the near future we hope to provide details of the full list of Crew members.


In 2004, there were no new members invested into the Bogong Rover Crew. To remedy that for 2005, a nominations form has been created. If you know of anyone who meets the membership requirements below, then nominate them by filling in this form.


Membership of the Bogong Rover Crew is by nomination and approval. To be eligible to become a member of the Crew Members must:

  • Be a member of the Alpine Rover Crew
  • Be a warranted Scouter or Rover
  • Have attended at least 3 Bogong Chalet Winter Parties
  • Have contributed by the way of work or organisation to the Bogong Rover Chalet and Rover Skiing
  • Be nominated and seconded by two members of the Bogong Rover Crew
  • Have your nomination approved

Get involved

Due to the remote location, and all the snow, we need to do most of our maintenance activities during the non-winter months.

We run a number of working bees during Summer and are grateful for any extra help we can get!

Or get involved with the Bogong Chalet Management Group by attending our AGM and joining.

Want to help in another way? Get in touch!

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You can always contact us:

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we reside. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Aboriginal Elders of other communities.