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What to expect at your winter party

This list is a guide only and is not exhaustive. In no way, do we suggest that you should be doing all these things but rather that you probably need to have these things done – DELEGATE if necessary – Ask question if unsure.

Information – Touring Requirements

  • All tours should fill out a ‘Trip Intention’ form and have it approved by the Party Leader.
  • The minimum party size is 4, max is the entire party.
  • Offer differing levels of difficulty for tours. Trip suggestions displayed on the bookshelf.
  • Be aware and accommodating of the tours fitness and experience levels – accept their limits.
  • Take safety gear – Recommended - spare pole & ski tip, first-aid kit, map, compass, whistles, mobile phones and radios. Take sleeping bags and tent if you are planning on going on a long tour.
  • Encourage others to learn to navigate.
  • Know hypothermia symptoms.
  • Set a turn back point – for if going too slow, or weather turns pear shaped.
  • When leaving the Chalet for touring; names of all participants and intentions must be written on the white board – names must be erased on their return.
  • If you deviate from the original tour route and/or change the destination, the Tour Leader must inform the Chalet as soon as possible.

Duty groups

All chores done at the Chalet are shared by all participants in assigned “duty groups”. Duty groups are rotated daily. Below is the list of duty groups and associated tasks and information.


  • Wash up, dry and put away pots, pans, knifes, chopping boards etc.
  • Wipe benches and kitchen table.
  • Ensure the strainer is in the sink when the plug is removed.
  • Water must be HOT. If you can place your hands in the water without gloves, it’s not hot enough.
  • DO NOT pour oil down the drain. Use paper towel to wipe out as much oil as possible before washing. Throw paper towel in the Dining Room Fire.


  • Wash up, dry and put away crockery.
  • Wipe down Slushies sink.
  • Ensure the strainer is in the sink when the plug is removed.
  • Water must be HOT. If you can place your hands in the water without gloves, it’s not hot enough.
  • DO NOT pour oil down the drain. Use paper towel to wipe out as much oil as possible before washing. Throw paper towel in the Dining Room Fire.


  • Chop and stack wood for the stove, fireplace and Theodore.
  • Ensure you are wearing proper footwear (steel cap gumboots supplied).
  • Follow wood sizing guide for each wood pile. (Found hanging next to the axes.)
  • Stack the stove wood in the top section of the Dining Room wood shelves and the fire place wood in the bottom section.
  • ‘Ugly’, knotted or hard to split logs are stacked near Theodore. Remember to supply smaller logs as well so Theo can be lit in the mornings.
  • Joeys need to keep wood stocked regularly.


  • Rise 30 min before parade is scheduled, prepare hot drinks and deliver to sleepyheads upstairs (it’s a nice way to wake up).
  • Begin preparing breakfast (it should be ready to eat straight after parade – 1 or 2 cooks may stay in the kitchen during parade).
  • Prepare and cook meals.
  • Ingredients should be in the small pantry in the kitchen.
  • If something cannot be found ask the quartermaster for assistance – DO NOT help yourself to the bulk food pantry.
  • Serve meals at the servery.
  • Make sure that all left over ingredients are put away in fridge or Kitchen pantry.
  • Bake a batch of bread in the afternoon/evening for breakfast and lunch the following day when required.
  • Use a minimal amount of pots and pans to ease the load for Slavies (what goes around, comes around).
  • Fill used baking dishes with water and place them on the stove to make them easier to wash.
  • Use colour coded chopping boards.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling food.
  • Clean out the oven of ash once cool. (Recommended to be done in the morning before roster group changeover.)
  • Place tea towels and aprons in the large aluminum pot on the oven, making sure there is water in it. At the end of each day the crew leaders will boil and wash them.


  • Set tables with cordial and condiments.
  • Breakfast tables should be set before morning parade.
  • Collect meals from the servery and wait on their table.
  • Clear and wipe down tables before setting and after meals.


  • Clean toilets, showers and basins.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Do not put disinfectant down the loo.
  • Please wear gloves.
  • Make sure that toilet paper and paper towel is kept replenished.
  • Empty the food scraps bin from the Kitchen into the Bokashi bins in the workshop. Ensure after each new addition the food scraps are spread evenly within the bin, then completely cover with Bokashi sawdust. (Sawdust found in silver bin next to Bokashi bins.) Inform CE when bins are full.
  • Please use even numbered bin for even numbered weeks, and odd numbered bins for odd numbered weeks. Eg. Wk1 – bin 1, wk 7 – bin 1 or 3.
  • Glass, plastic, milk containers, aluminum and tin cans need to be taken to the workshop and placed in the allocated wheelie bins.
  • Ash needs to be emptied into the appropriate 44-gallon drum on the Wood Shed Roof– they are clearly marked.
  • The rubbish bin in the kitchen needs to be tied up and placed in the trailer in the workshop, ensure lid in closed properly.
  • Move full Wheelie bins outside and replace with an empty one in the Workshop.

Crew Leaders

  • Must ensure that exits and pathways are kept clear of snow. Eg. Garage door and roller door, Wood Shed Roof, History Room, Dining Room stairway landing doorway and path, Balcony and stairs, Kitchen area, Pigmy shelter, games room and Emergency shelter.
  • Sweep or vacuum sleeping areas, dining room and games room each day.
  • Uphold the standards of cleanliness that the Party Leader has set for the Chalet. Supply Pilgrims with the cleaning materials for the bathroom and toilets. Ensure that the toilet area is cleaned properly without overuse of disinfectant (which interferes with the operation of the septic tank), use supplied measuring cup for disinfectant.
  • The Rover Advisor of the day (RAOD) is selected from this duty group.
  • Boil ALL used tea towel for 10 minutes in the aluminum pot on the stove. Then wash in hot water and rinse in cold before being hanging in the drying room overnight. (WASH SEPARATELY FROM CLOTHES.)

Rover Advisor of the Day

  • Responsible for Parade (morning and evening).
  • Responsible for bringing the outside flags in before dark. (Balcony and Wardens Flat window.)
  • Must write in the Log Book at the end of the day.
  • Ring Bell for each meal of the day. (Crew leader or any cooks job?)
  • Ring Bell for ‘Beer o’clock’, confirm with PL before to ensure all members of the Winter Party are home.

Day to day bits

  • Everyone is required at morning Parade except for two (2) cooks.
  • Duty groups change over after breakfast each day.
  • Before duty changeover, there will be a brief inspection by the nobs to ensure a high standard of living is maintained throughout the Winter Party.
  • Items must be cleared from the drying room before inspection unless they are still wet.
  • When leaving the Chalet for snow play or home slop skiing, you must write your name and intentions on the white board – you must also erase this on your return.
  • Do not wear ski boots inside the Chalet.
  • Keep your belongings tidy and in your pack.

Role in an emergency

  • Make your way to the Syphon outside quickly and safely. If you can grab your pack and sleeping bag do so. Do not pack your bag before leaving - it should already be packed.
  • Wait at the Syphon to be told what to do. The Party Leader and Quarter Master will look after you and account for everyone.
  • If you have an emergency on a tour – listen to your Trip Leader as it is their responsibility to deal with any situation that arises.
  • Do everything that you can to assist and make things easier.
  • If you are evacuated from the Chalet for any reason, the BCMG has no obligation or responsibility to supply accommodation at Mt. Beauty or transport for you thereafter. The return bus trip from Falls Creek to Mt. Beauty is included within your Winter Party price. Please call the Booking Office to organise the bus.

Other information


  • All Nobs are responsible for the safety and welfare of the Party.
  • Discourage unsafe practises.
  • Know the fire drill procedures.
  • Enforce food safety requirements.
  • If a tour is running late and will return after dark, ALL outside lights will be turned on.

Enriching the Winter Party.

  • What you should get out of the Winter Party – leadership, comradeship, adventure, initiative etc.).
  • Icebreaker techniques.
  • Practical jokes – don’t let them go too far (is it safe? How is the recipient going to feel / react?).
  • Courtesy – encourage courtesy eg. For those wanting to stay up, the Drying Room is sound proof.
  • Extra ideas - Crew projects (build an igloo), skit night (be sure to give warning), sports day (team competitions, volleyball in the snow), BBQ day, group tours, table tennis tournament etc.
  • Party night & Chalet games.

Risk & Emergency Situation Management

  • Risk Management is not necessarily Fun Management.
  • Practise using the Akja with supervision.
  • Practise using the Jordon frame.
  • Remain calm and in control.
  • Discourage practical jokes, NO ‘Bucketing’ in the showers.
  • Inform NOBS, they will take charge of the situation. Help if possible or asked. Respect they decisions.

Privacy & Health Forms

  • Information on health statements is regulated by the Victorian Government’s Privacy Act
  • Health statements are only for the eyes of the Party Leader, and other NOBS in emergency situations.

More info

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