The Bogong Rover Chalet

Bogong Rover Chalet

Visiting in Winter

During Winter the Bogong Rover Chalet runs a series of Ski Weeks (with the occasional half week). This is due to the remote location of the Chalet.

Full weeks run from Saturday to Saturday (although exacts dates and times may need to vary because of weather and safety requirements).

The full list of dates is available here.

2024 Prices

2024 Early bird (before March 31)

  • Current Rover $375
  • Scout Movement Member $465
  • Non Movement Member (i.e. everyone else) $550
  • Venturers, please see our online bookings pages for prices

Venturers and Rovers, do consider the Dick & Pip Smith Leadership Through Adventure Fund if cost is an issue.

If you already have a parking pass for the season for Falls Creek please contact our bookings team.

Everyone’s welcome

The Bogong Rover Chalet is available to members of the Scout Association and the general public.

Different age groups

During the season some Ski Weeks are restricted to different age groups.

Ski Venture weeks are open to Venturer aged participants, 15 - 18, with leaders also attending for safety - not to do all of the work (or really any… :-p ). Naturally, these are alcohol free weeks.

Our Ski Moot weeks are targeted at Rover aged participants, 18 - 26, with great deals and a great party atmosphere for Rovers.

All our other weeks are open to everyone 18+.

How it works

The normal run down of a week is as follows:

  • A few weeks before the Ski Week, all participants attend a Briefing Night - details are provided
  • Friday night we all meet and sleep in Mt Beauty Scout Hall (Venturers, we organise car pooling from Melbourne)
  • Saturday morning we all head to Falls Creek Coaches, park our cars (they’re very nice and do a cheaper parking rate for Chalet participants), and get the bus up to Falls Creek
  • From there we ski to the Chalet (it’s 11km, so you must be fit enough to ski/hike that distance with your pack)
  • We have a heap of fun, with everyone chipping in to help run the week (we split into duty groups to divide our basic chores). We all sleep in a few communal bedrooms
  • The following Saturday we, with great regret, pack up and leave; skiing back to Falls Creek before getting the Bus down again, and then driving back home.

Getting to Mt Beauty

Everyone is expected to make their own way to Mt Beauty - although we make a special point to help our Venturer aged participants.

We communicate as a group of participants before our Ski Week commences and to organise things like carpooling.

Briefing night

A few weeks before the Ski Week we have a Briefing Night with our Ski Party (all the participants).

Here we talk about how everything works, what to expect, and answer any of your questions.

It’s a great way to meet everyone else in your Ski Party, and we also decide on a theme for our week (just a bit of fun).

We have a general briefing night video which you can watch as well.

More info

You can always contact us:

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we reside. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Aboriginal Elders of other communities.