The Bogong Rover Chalet

Bogong Rover Chalet

Winter gear

COVID requirements

Bring five RATs and at least one mask.

Equipment checklist

Nothing will spoil your Winter Party more than having equipment that doesn’t do the job right. If you are not sure about anything ask your party leader. The suggestions made in the following list have come from years of experience during Winter Parties. If borrowing gear make sure that it fits correctly and is serviceable. If hiring gear, explain why you need the equipment. Mention that it is for the Bogong Rover Chalet, many staff at outdoor stores will know about the Chalet. When choosing clothing go for wool, softshell, polar fleece, thermals and similar. Avoid cotton and denim. Try your local disposal store for cheaper items. If in any doubt, speak to your Party Leader.

For Mt Beauty Scout Hall on Friday night

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow (to be left in your car at Mount Beauty)
  • Sleeping Mat or Lilo (to be left in your car at Mount Beauty)
  • Simple prepared breakfast (to be left in your stomach at Mount Beauty)

For the trip into the Chalet

  • Prepared lunch and energy food such as chocolate, muesli bars or scroggin.
  • All your Ski Equipment – Cross-country skis, boots and poles. See other page for suggestions.
  • All your equipment and clothing for the chalet in a pack.

Pack, ski equipment, and other gear

Note: for 2023 we will only be offering ski rental packages for Venturers, not for any other type of booking. Ajays will continue to offer a discounted rental rate to Rovers :-)

Pack – with ample hip belt and chest strap. Modern internally framed packs with large hip belts to load weight onto the hips make carrying your load easier. They are available for hire from an outdoor shop if necessary. Packs are not one size fits all and need to be fitted properly. Some packs are specifically designed for men or women

Sleds are strictly prohibited, gear must be carried in a pack.

  • Water proofing - be sure to line your pack with a large plastic bag to keep everything dry. Pack your sleeping bag into another plastic bag. You can never have too many plastic bags.
  • Packing – Pack your sleeping bag at the bottom out of the way and heavier articles lower down and nearer your back. Put spare clothes that you may need nearer to the top or in the pockets. Nothing should be tied to the outside of your pack as it may be lost.

Packing diagram

  • Load – Keep the weight down to about 15 kilograms including your allowance for fresh food, about 2 kilograms.
  • Extra Space at Top – All winter party members are expected to carry in a parcel of meat and fresh vegetables. Please bring plastic bags for this purpose.
  • Cross Country skis – suitable for medium to heavy touring with a pack. The use of some sort of retention strap is highly recommended to prevent runaway skis.
  • Cross Country Ski Boots – Either plastic or leather boots are recommended. For leather boots, a sturdier high cut boot is recommended. Waterproof leather boots with ‘Snoseal’ or similar. (Do not use Dubbin as it softens the leather)
  • Cross Country Ski Poles – Any material is suitable. A larger basket for soft snow is recommended.
  • U.V. Sunglasses – with retention strap and ski goggles if desired.
  • Compass and Map of the area.
  • Beanie or Balaclava
  • Peaked Cap – Optional
  • Coat - One of the most important items you’ll be carrying. We recommend you use some sort of breathable such as ‘Goretex’ or ‘Entrant’, Japara or dry oilskin coats are also suitable. The coat should have ample hood. Most Alpine or Downhill Ski jackets are too hot for Cross Country Skiing. Cotton Lined Japaras should also be avoided along with full length riding ‘Driazabone’ coats, which are too heavy and hot for Cross Country Skiing.
  • Overpants – To be useful these must be water and wind proof
  • Woollen Jumper, Fibrepile or Polarfleece
  • Woollen or Thermal shirt or skivvy
  • Woollen or other appropriate trouser – High quality nylon tracksuit pants may be adequate. Avoid Cotton and Denim at all costs.
  • Socks – Woollen blends such as ‘Explorers’ are recommended. Pure wool and football socks can cause blisters. Many people wear 2 pairs of socks when wearing Ski Boots.
  • Gaiters – they keep the snow out of your boots.
  • Ski Gloves – bring a spare pair, overmitts are an advantage for woollen gloves. Using an older pair on the tow is suggested as it is wearing

Clothing for the Chalet

  • Scout Uniform - minimum of Shirt and Scarf (don’t forget your Alpine Venturer, Alpine Rover, or Bogong Rovers scarf if you have one)
  • Footwear - Light weight runners, Slippers or Surf sandals
  • Spare Clothes - a single set of clothes should suffice, there is a washing machine and powder is provided.

Other gear

  • Sleeping Bag - the Chalet is quite warm but a good quality bag is advisable for emergencies.
  • Fitted Sheet - to meet our COVID-Safe plan you must bring a fitted sheet
  • Pillow Slip and Inner Sheet - For hygiene reasons
  • Spare under wear
  • Personal first aid kit - items you are likely to need including band aids, blister tape, ‘Second Skin’ headache tablets, knee brace etc.
  • Sweets, Chocolate or Scroggin - Watch the weight
  • Light weight water bottle - Approximately I litre.
  • Day Pack - Highly recommended
  • Toiletries – Watch the weight - bring only what you need for a week
  • Towel – a small one will do.
  • Sunscreen & lip balm - ‘30+’ and water resistant
  • Camera - light weight, optional.
  • Small torch - with new batteries
  • Mobile phone - reception at the chalet itself is minimal to non-existant, however it can useful while touring.
  • Five RATs and at least one mask.
  • Note: Sleds are strictly prohibited, gear must be carried in a pack.

If you have any doubts, questions or concerns regarding equipment contact your party leader or the bookings officer on 0407 242 538

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