Ski it, Hike it, I like it!

Mountain Bike riding

A wide variety of rides are a possible once the snow has melted. The chalet’s location on the aquaduct means there is easy access to most areas of the high plains. If your a venturer, then have a look at our Venturer Mountain Bike Weekend.

Mountain bike riding is not permitted on the walking tracks. But there is still plenty of challenging terrain on the roads and four wheel drive tracks.

Warm up with a tour of the huts. Ride down the High Plains Road to Shannonvale, or try the more difficult ride down The Lanes.

Down the hill at Mt. Beauty there are also many specially constructed mountain bike tracks. Down hill courses run from Cranky Charlie to Mt Beauty. Check out

Finish your weekend with a down hill cruise from falls creek to Bogong Village along the High Plains Road.

Before you go check out the Mountain Bike Riders Code of Practice.


The area around the chalet provides excellent trout fishing. Waters around the area hold brown trout & redfin.

Pretty Valley Pondage provides some of the best fly fishing in Victoria. Rocky Valley Dam suits fly fishing, spinning, or the old fashioned worm on a hook. The more adventurous can head one way down the hill towards Omeo and try their luck in the Mitta Mitta River. Or the other way and try the Rocky Valley Creek.

Fishing Licenses, equipment hire & even guided tours are available in Mt. Beauty.

Canoing & Kayaking

Rocky Valley Dam caters for flat water paddling. The Mitta Mitta River provides plenty of opportunity for those after white water thrills. Various tour companies operate from Omeo.

When planning water activities keep in mind that even in the height of summer, the waters are very cold so wetsuits are required and due to their use for power generation, strong currants make the lakes and ponds unsuitable for swimming.


There are many options for walking around the chalet.

As it is on the Alpine Walking Track its position makes it easy to use the chalet as a stop over on an extended walk. Hot showers and real beds definitely quicken the pace a few days into a long walk. It can also provide a secure location for food drops.

There are plenty of day walk options around the chalet that can challenge all walkers.

Day walk options include:

  • 3 hut tour – Cope, Wallace, & the chalet (include Wilkinsons Site & Old Joes Site).
  • Mt. Cope
  • Faithfulls Hut
  • McNamara Hut
  • Ryders Yards & Waterfall
  • Pretty Valley Pondage & Hut

It really depends on how far you want to go in a day. Some of these walks would also be great overnight walks too.


Located within the Alpine National Park, and away from the road, the Chalet is great for getting away for all. Bring a good book, or select from the chalet library. Sit in the sun and commune with nature. Sleep in!

Training / Conference

The Bogong Rover Chalet is an excellent venue for training and conferences. Use the dining and games rooms, or venture outdoors for something different. If has a full kitchen and accommodation for 35 people.