Bogong Chalet Management Group

The Bogong Chalet Management Group (BCMG) is responsible for managing the Rover chalet. They take care of regular maintenance and bookings for summer and winter. The group is also responsible for promoting the Chalet to Venturers and Rovers at events like Surf Moot, Hoadley, Mudbash, MARB and VG. If you would like to be part of the management group, come along to our next AGM.

2015-16 Management Group

Name Position Represents
Sarah Marriott Chairman 18-26
Chris Lambert Marketing/PR 18-26
Travis Nisbet Maintenance 18-26
David Nicholls Maintenance 18-26
Mel Nicholls Secretary 18-26
Simon Ashburner Marketing/PR 18-26
Amie Rossborough Bookings Officer 18-26
Emma Watson Merchandise 26-30
Bryce Gibson Website 26-30
Will Ashburner 30+
Peter Rossborough 30+

Other Positions

Name Position
Matthew Anderson Warden
Linda Moore Assistant Warden
Les Weibenga Assistant Warden
Jody Freeman Honorary Treasurer
Sue Tanck Honorary Historian
Donna Anderson Catering
Lynette Bailey ARC Chairman
Lucas Moore ARC Secretary
Leigh Hoppenbrouwers SA Rep
Emma Watson NSW Rep