The Tow Hut

Introducing the new Tow Hut
Introducing the new Tow Hut

Improvements on previous hut

  • Designed and built to meet all relevant Australian Standards
  • Proper emergency stops (now on every pole)
  • Diesel motor
  • Superior guarding on all mechanicals
  • Automated control panel
  • Increased rope diameter
  • Safety netting supersedes boom gate
  • Solar powered trickle charging for batteries
  • Low maintenance Colorbond roof and wall cladding
  • More practical mezzanine level for rope storage
  • Akija storage area adjacent to hut
  • non-slip floor matting
  • screenings around slab to prevent rising moisture
  • DVD training video

Jobs for next Summer

  • Finish flashing
  • Remote start
  • Finalise bunding
  • Painting of new wiring on the poles
  • Rodent proofing

Thanks to all who helped on the project, in particular the main contributors (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Stuart Bailey
  • Mick Conner
  • Cameron Cook
  • Neil Higgins
  • Michael Spencer
  • Tim Tracey
  • Ray White
  • Daniel Wilson

The frame
Installing the motor
Roller door for refueling