Whether you are interested in skiing, scouting, tourism, conservation or outdoor activities this page gives you the chance to leave us and head off into the wild blue yonder and check out what others have on offer.

Hopefully you won’t be gone too long, and we see you back here and up at the Chalet in the near future.

If you find that any of our links are no longer working it would be great if you could help us out by letting us know. All you need to do is email us and let us know the name of the link you were trying to follow. Likewise if you have any new links you think we should add then just email away and we’ll get them onto the page for you.



  • Victorian Rovers – These people own the Bogong Rover Chalet. Are you 18 to 26 years old and want to find out about the best adventure / party experience on offer, then this is the link for you. Of course if you already know about Rovers and just want to check out other Rover sites then you too are welcome to visit the site.
  • Scouts Australia – The peak organisation for the Scout organisation within Australia. They have links to an amazing amount of other Scouting sites.
  • Scouts Australia (Victorian Branch) – This is the peak Victorian organisation. Lots of material for leaders and you can find the Scout Info Book online with all the contacts you are ever likely to need.
  • Victorian Scout Heritage Centre – The Heritage Centre is located in South Yarra and is now a fully accredited as a Museum.



  • W.F. Waters Lodge (Baw Baw Rover Chalet) – This is the other Rover ski facility. Great for Crew weekends away, or for a quiet mid week ski. It is a great spot for new skiers to try out Cross Country Skiing and Down Hill skiing
  • Victorian Ski Reports – Victorian Government Snow Reports. These are the ones provided by the Alpine Resort owners.
  • Back Country Forum – Want to get into some chat about the Back Country. Great forum to swap ideas, back country recipes, gear advice and maybe even jump in on a few trips with lots of like minded people.
  • Australian X Country – The peak Cross Country Skiing body for Victoria. Lots of information on Cross Country skiing, although it has a definite bias on X Country racing and skating.
  • Ski Touring Association of Victoria (STAV) – An association designed to push the needs and interests of Cross Country Ski Tourers. Been through lean times lately but still going.
  • Snowgum – Wodonga – Okay, so its a commercial shop, but it is Scouts Australia commercial shop and it does have lots of useful Cross Country Ski Information and ski hire, and they are pretty close to the Chalet.
  • Bush and Alpine Resources – Great site with lots of information on planning, equipment, food, safety and skills for skiing and bush walking.


Tourism Victoria

  • Tourism Victoria – The main tourism body for Victoria. Great source of information if you are looking for tourist attractions near the Chalet.
  • Parks Victoria – The people who look after all state and national parks in Victoria. Heaps of info on all spots in the State. Good introductory text on the Alpine National Park and the area near the Chalet


Outdoor Activities

  • Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs – Just here for info really. They do a great job pushing the interests of Victorian bushwalkers. Worth taking a look at their site.
  • Victorian Canoe Association – Not an activity you would usually consider at an Alpine Chalet, but there are a few good rivers in the Nth East of Victoria and a couple of big dams you can canoe on. The VCA have heaps of info for people to look at.


Outdoor / Gear Shops

  • Ajays / EMC – Located in Heathmont or Deepdene they’ve got plenty of gear for hire / sale. Also the location of the annual Ski Expo night.
  • Snowgum – Home page for Scouts Australia outdoor store
  • Snowgum – Wodonga – Why a separate link for the Wodonga Snowgum? Well, its not far from the Chalet, they hire gear, and they have lots of useful Cross Country information.
  • Wilderness Shop – Located in Box Hill
  • Rocky Valley – Located in Mount Beauty
  • Anaconda – Ski hire available at the Bayswater store
  • Bogong Equipment – Cool name, but in no way linked to the Chalet. They’re in the Melbourne CBD
  • Alpsport – For those above the border (Sydney), these guys are located in West Ryde
  • Mountain Designs – Not a shop to going look for skis….they don’t have any, but good for other gear


Conservation / Environment

  • Parks Victoria – The people who look after all state and national parks in Victoria. Heaps of info on environmental concerns, education and best practice – essential if you are going to use our State and National Parks.
  • Victorian National Parks Association – A pressure group and outdoor group rolled into one. Generally against new developments in National Parks. They are a good source of information on what is proposed for Victorian National, State and Heritage Parks. They also have an exceptional program of outdoor activities with a section catering for those less than 35 years of age.



  • Victorian Ambulance Subscriptions – A funny link for here? Not really, have you ever had to pay for a helicopter rescue? All backcountry activities involve an element of risk and the possibility of rescue – be a member and you could save yourself $$$$$$$