Alpine Venturer Unit

The Alpine Venturer Unit came into being over the summer season of 1999 / 2000, with its first members being invested into the unit during the ski season of 2000.

For a number of years the Bogong Chalet Management Group (BCMG) had been looking at ways to increase youth participation, particularly amongst the Venturer age group, and the idea of extending the Alpine Rover Crew to include Venturers seemed the most effective way. The concept of a specific Alpine Unit for Venturers was adopted by the Franzke brothers, Matt and Ian, and it was their constant pushing and Matt’s further investigation and lobbying that led to the BCMG adopting the a specific Venturer Unit.

The aim of the Alpine Venturer Unit is to create a vehicle that enables the ideals of the Bogong Rover Chalet and the Rover Ski program to be promoted to Venturers. In addition it is hoped that the identity and sense of belonging created by the Unit will encourage Venturers to continue their association with the Chalet.


Membership of the Alpine Venturer Unit is open to all Venturers. To qualify for membership of the Unit Venturers must;

  • Be an invested Venturer
  • Have completed one week at a Bogong Chalet Winter Party