About Us

The Bogong Rover Chalet is owned and operated by the Rover Section of the Victorian Branch of Scouts Australia. The term ‘About Us’ is a general term for all of the groups that make up the chalet. They are the Management Group, Alpine Rover Crew, Alpine Venturer Unit and the Bogong Rover Crew. If you would like to know more about the history of the chalet, then see our Chalet History page.

Management Group

The chalet is managed by the Bogong Chalet Management Group on behalf of the Victorian Branch Rover Council.

Alpine Rover Crew

The Alpine Rover Crew exists to provide an identity and sense of belonging for all those Rovers and Scouters who participate in a winter party at the Bogong Rover Chalet. All members are kept up to date with the Bogong Bulletin.

Alpine Venturer Unit

Ventures cannot be members of the Alpine Rover Crew as the are not invested Rovers, hence the Alpine Venturer Unit was established. Members of this group also receive the Bogong Bulletin.

Bogong Rover Crew

Bogong Rover Crew has existed as an award for outstanding service and good conduct. The Crew has no permanent place nor wealth and membership is strictly honorary. All those invested into the Bogong Rover Crew are invested on skis during winter and insight of Mount Bogong, Victoria’s highest peak.